7 Cinematic GoPro (Hero 7) Transitions for Beginners

With the following 7 cinematic GoPro (Hero 7) transitions you are able to step up your video game. The are completely beginner friendly, but that does not mean that they are less spectacular.

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Transition 1: Around the World Cuts

Hold your GoPro (Hero 7) always in the same position and look into your camera while turning around 360 degrees. Repeat this at 5-6 different locations and cut your video clips quickly together. Important is, that the background always changes. That’s the key for this first cinematic transition.

Transition 2: Color Transition 1.0

That’s a very easy but cinematic GoPro (Hero 7) Transition. You need to film 2 different clips; the first one should end at a certain color which covers the whole image and the second one should start with a similar color which also covers the whole image. Then you put the clips together and you have your second cinematic GoPro (Hero 7) transition.

Transition 3: Slide By

I bet you have already seen this cinematic transition in a lot of movies. Although you see it in TV, it’s done really easily. Film something which makes a line through your whole image (like a tree) and then mask out either of the sides, lay it over the second clip you want to transition to and that’s it.

Transition 4: In Frame Cuts

This cinematic GoPro (Hero 7) transition is similar to the first one. The only difference is, that the camera is not moving anymore and you place yourself further away of your GoPro (Hero 7) which is filming and always at the same place in the image (and the same distance to your GoPro (Hero 7)).

Transition 5: Color Transition 2.0

This is one of the coolest and most cinematic transition in my opinion. It works exactly the same like the color transition 1.0 with the difference that the GoPro (Hero 7) is not moving towards a certain color, but you, the person, are the color. You will see what I mean in the video.

Transition 6: Shake Transition

This cinematic transition I discovered by accident during my holidays in Finland. I put my GoPro on a pole and because it was not really stable there, the GoPro shaked a lot. I used these shake to make a cinematic transition and now in Porto I tried to reproduce this transition. Basically, what you have to do is shaking your GoPro (Hero 7) and then cut to your second clip you want to transition to. This transition is very easy to get and absolutely beginner friendly.

Transition 7: Sound Transition

For this cinematic GoPro (Hero 7) transition you need only 1 sound effect. You don’t need to film in a certain way, you can use 2 random clips. Choose a sound effect which matches the second clip (but not the first one) and run it already towards the ending of the first clip. Then cut to your second clip and you’re done.

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