Gemini 200 Gulfstream 650 Review FHD(Full High Definition)

Gemini 200 Gulfstream 650 Review FHD(Full High Definition)

You’re Reviewing a Gulfstream 650 in a 1:200 Scale from Gemini Jets.This is my 1st Gulfstream 650 Model.

Information About The Gulfstream G650: The Gulfstream G650 Program was Formally Launched as an Internal Company Project in May 2005 and was Unveiled to the General Public for the First Time on March 13,2008.
Then the Gulfstream G650 taxied under its own power for the very first time on September 26,
2009 then held a Public Rollout Ceremony Event that took place 3 days later on September 29,
2009 and it’s first maiden flight officially took place two months later on November 25,2009 whereas the Actual Flight Testing on the G650 for the Maximum Operating Speed of Mach 0.925 was officially recorded on May 4,2010.
Then Gulfstream Aerospace Reported on August 26,2010 that the Gulfstream G650 hit a New Maximum Operating Speed Record of Mach 0.995 during a dive that was part of its 1,800 Hour Flight Testing Program.

However,On April 2,2011,Gulfstream Suffered a major Setback when one of it’s G650 Experimental Ultra Long Range Business Jets
Ultimately Crashed on a Runway in Roswell,New Mexico,Fatally Injuring 2 Test Pilots and 2 Test Flight Engineers on Board as the Aircraft was Conducting a Takeoff-Performance Test Run and the Probable Cause of the Crash which was Determined by the NTSB(The National Transportation Safety Board)was an Aerodynamic Stall of the Aircraft that was Due to a Failure to Properly Develop and and Validate Takeoff Speeds that was Initiated by Engine Failure as the G650 Test Aircraft Program was Grounded until May 28,2011 when the Remaining Test Aircraft were Allowed to return to Flight Testing.

Then on September 7,2012,The Gulfstream G650 Officially Recieved its Type Certificate from the United States Federal Aviation Administration as this Aircraft was Originally Designated as Gulfstream G-VI in its Type Certificate and the First Aircraft of this type was Delivered on December 27,2012 to Preston B.Henn,Who was an American Entrepreneur. The G650 is the 7th Variant after the G280,the G350,the G450,the G500,the G550,and the G600
Respectively that was Actually Produced and Built by the Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation since 1958 and at the time of this video review posting,The Gulfstream G650 is the Largest,the
Fastest,and the Most Expensive Business Corporate Jet on the Market Today with a Pricetag of $67-$69 Million U.S.Dollars and Some of the Current Owners of this Prestigious State of the Art Jet are:

Paul Allen(Seattle Seahawks,Portland Trailblazers);Jeff Bezos(Amazon);Larry Ellison
(Oracle);David Geffen(Geffen Records);Dennis Gillings(Quintiles);Laurene Powell-Jobs(Apple);
Robert Kraft(New England Patriots);Ralph Lauren(Fashion Designer);Elon Musk(Tesla Motors);Ronald Perelman(Revlon);Steven Spielberg(Movie Director,DreamWorks Studios);
Nancy Walton-Laurie(Walmart);Steve Wynn
(Wynn Resorts);Phil Knight(Nike);Bernie Ecclestone(Formula 1);Dr.Creflo Dollar
(Megachurch Pastor);and Oprah Winfrey
(American Media Proprietor,Talk Show Host).

The Device that’s Mounted Beneath the Cockpit Windows and Slightly Above the Nose Cone:
This Device is Actually called a Nose-Mounted Infrared Camera,which is part of the Gulfstream Enhanced Vision Systems(EVS)II,Which allows Pilots to see what the Human Eye Cannot by providing more Detailed images of Airports and surrounding Terrain at Night and in Low-Visibilty

The Wingtip Device:These Wingtip Devices are Actually called winglets and the purpose of these Winglets is to reduce Drag of the wing Vortex and provide Increased Lift of the Wing and Improve Fuel Efficiency at the same time.

The Engines: These are the Rolls Royce- BR725
Engines that are used on this Particular Gulfstream G650 Business Jet Aircraft.

This Model is Very Impressive,Very Detailed,

Troy’s Toys website address:

On a Scale of 1-10 on this Aircraft Model:A 9 Despite the Horizontal Stablizer is Resilin,The Nose Gear does not Swivel.But other than that, Everything else on this Aircraft Model is Definitely on Point!

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