Insta360 ONE R: 360° Drone, 3D VR180, 1-inch Sensor Action Cam? | Hands-On First Impressions

Insta360 ONE R: 360° Drone, 3D VR180, 1-inch Sensor Action Cam? | Hands-On First Impressions

My ONE R review with sample footages are OUT:
The hands-on first look of the Insta360 ONE R + Drone Edition and 3D 180 Edition. So in-depth, it is 25-min long and you can’t find this info anywhere else!

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0:00 – Insta360 ONE R – Overview
2:24 – Modular Design & Specs
4:18 – Image quality
5:33 – FlowState 2.0 in-depth – how it works and why it’s better.
8:04 – AI remove grain
8:50 – ProRes 422 output from new Insta360 Studio
9:19 – 360 Photo: Night Shot 9 DNG+
10:47 – IPX8 – waterproof to 5m
12:31 – AirPods and Mic Adapter, remote control with Apple Watch
13:48 – ONE R Drone Edition – no more drone in 360
15:26 – 3D VR180 Edtion – can it replace EVO?
16:43 – 1-inch sensor Leica Mod and POSSIBLE 1-inch 360 Mod (8K+?)!!
17:53 – BETTER bullet time
18:45 – Starlapse – light trail photography with 1-button
19:31 – AI Stop Motion – next Instagram sensation
20:00 – NEW mobile app powered by AI – auto edit, auto reframe & auto track
21:49 – Useful features: Voice Control, Reversible touch display, Harden lens, Point to Track…
22:33 – Pricing

EXTRA INFO (updated 1/7/2020 10:50am)
📜 If you like to read an article instead:
➡️Weight of each Mod:
– 360 Mod: 129g
– 4K Mod: 121g
– 1-inch Leica Mod: 157g
– Case without lens guard (for FPV with minimum weight): 35g
– Case with full guard and GoPro screw + mount: 83g
So for my FPV friends / viewers – here how you calculate: If you want the lightest setup and you are really good at your FPV skill (aka you won’t crash) – then 35g + the Mod you plan on using.
For the rest of FPV or drone users, use the full on case – 83g + the Mod you plan on using. So you can crash it and don’t cry. Pretty crashable if you are in the *ironman case

My in-depth technical review, comparison with GoPro MAX, Qoocam 8K is coming January 14th – stay tuned! You won’t want to miss that!

I want your feedback, drop a comment so I can help you!

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